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AVICS II Charge Controller


AVICS II: NATO Automatic Charge Controller. AVICS II is a NATO vehicle integrated charging system that eliminates mounting and hard wiring a charge controller on vehicles. AVICS II can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle. AVICS II displays the voltage from the solar panel prior to connecting to the vehicle. When connected to the NATO receptacle, battery charge status is displayed. (Red LED indicates charging).

• 100% solid state charge control
• Charges a dead battery
• Simple ruggedized (low component circuitry)
• Low Voltage Disconnect
• No minimum operating voltage
• Contacts for generator start or alarm
• Low power consumption

• Displays battery charge level
• Charging light indicator

• 24 volt 8 amp unit (higher amp rating optional)
• Charge limited to 28.8 Volts
• Switching shunt, pulse charging
• Low switching frequency (no noise)

• Sealed for environmental protection
(suitable for outdoor mounting)
• Reverse leakage protection blocking
• Lightning protection
• Input noise suppression
• Size: 8.5” X 2.75” X 3.75” Weight 2.2 Lbs

A and A Logistics, a government supplier, has completed the first phase of development for the AVICS® family of integrated charging systems for virtually any U.S. and NATO 24-28 Volt vehicle battery system, as well as 24 Volt battery systems used in support equipment. AVICS® can be used with any of the 24 to 28+ Volt foldable or rolled solar array currently being used by the Department of Defense and our NATO allies. The development of extremely lightweight solar modules using high output technology and AVICS® helps solve the problems previously limiting solar power application.


AVICS® systems work extremely well with large mobile battery systems. With AVICS® there is no need to run any internal wiring or mount a charge controller on a vehicle or a power supply that has a NATO slave connector. AVICS® systems have the charge controller mounted with the solar product, making it easily transferable from one piece of equipment to another; effectively providing a controlled charge for depleted batteries in the field. Successfully integrating AVICS® with flexible (rolled or folded) solar modules is a major milestone for solar products in military applications.

Power output from the AVICS® is up to 22 amps, or 500 Watts, allowing for concurrent use of multiple solar arrays. Up to 4 solar panels ranging from 15 to 124 watts can be connected together with a single junction box to provide faster rates of controlled charging of battery systems. AVICS® systems have virtually eliminated maintenance.

AVICS® will advance the Military’s goal of reducing dependence on fuel-fired power generation, reducing logistics costs, and further the Military’s growing demand for rapid-response portable and remote power. The case for AVICS® is obvious.